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My name is Suraj Rana, I’m an SEO Specialist in India. I’m pursuing my passion and dreams. I believe in hard work and patience. I love Marketing, Adventure, and Challenges in his life. I will provide you with agency-like results at freelance prices.

I’m a Local SEO expert, I have the ability to provide the best results to you. If you have a website or services for your customers then, I will help your customers to find you on Google easily, by ranking your website for a better user experience and generate leads for your business. I do lead generation for small businesses by ranking for the most competitive & important keywords that convert into phone calls.

I generate leads for local businesses like marijuana recommendation, carpet cleaning, phone repair, roofing, tree service, plumbing, HVAC / Heating & Air Conditioning, home remodeling, landscaping, water damage restoration & more. Being able to generate phone calls is what really determines your value as a marketer.

Because at the end of the day, that’s really what the business owner wants. Right?

For a lot of our clients, I get paid based on performance (using things like call tracking) so I go after the most competitive and important keywords that generate the most amount of “leads” or phone calls & appointments for your business.

My Past Experience

I had worked with lots of companies in the past years like KFC, Aditya Birla, Pizza hut, etc. I achieved lots of things in these companies but I never get satisfied, I had never felt happy with those achievements. And I wanted to do something better with my life.

My life was getting easy and getting too boring with daily routines. And I didn’t want a boring life, I want more for my life, more growth, more money, and more challenges.

So I jumped into the digital marketing field for challenges. Now I am happy to announce that “this Digital Marketing field is perfect for him”. I faced lots of challenges and problems in every project. And I achieved the result that I seek.

I’m working in the Digital Marketing field for years, and I have experience in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)SMM (Social Media Marketing)PPC (Pay Per Click)SMO (Social Media Optimization), and Email Marketing.

But I realized that I can’t be perfect in all digital marketing fields, so I decided to choose one to be perfect. I provide all full digital marketing services to you, but my primary focus is on providing SEO services. I provide SEO services in India, the US, Canada, and the UK.

If you have a website or services for your customers then, I will help your customers to find you on Google easily, by ranking your website for a better user experience and generating leads for your business.


SEO Consultant and Freelancing


Search Engine Optimization Team Lead

Company Name: Leap of Faith Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Search Engine Optimization Analyst

Company Name: ESS Global


SEO Expert

Company Name: Jaw-Dropping Marketing Pvt Ltd


I’m a Professional SEO Expert at analyzing competitor websites, I will look at the competitor’s website and traffic, and I will see why they are ranking at the top for your business, and what strategy and tactics they are using.

Then I will come up with a plan as to what should be done to drive traffic to our website, how, and what pages it needs to be featured on.

I’m well versed in the White Hat Techniques to deliver high rankings and bring relevant traffic to the website.

My expertise is keyword ranking, increasing organic traffic, and generating sales/leads with Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird proof strategies.

I’m always keeping myself up-to-date with fast-moving SEO updates, the SEO landscape, particularly technological and search engine trends, changing algorithms, and ranking factors.

I have improved the overall rankings of various websites on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. I am happy to share my vision, knowledge, and experience with you.

Suraj Rana SEO Manager Certitcation From Blue Array SEO

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