How To Hire An SEO Freelancer For Your Business In 2020?

How To hire An SEO Freelancer For Your Business In 2020

How To Hire An SEO Freelancer For Your Business In 2020?

Want to hire an SEO freelancer for your business? But didn’t know or understand how to hire an SEO freelancer in India for your businesses.

If you want to build a great business, desire to improve your search engine ranking, and want great traffic at your website, you need to hire SEO expert. He will help you to optimize your website according to Google ranking factors and help you to rank faster in search engines.

Why Hire An SEO Freelancer?

I think a lot of business owners always underestimate SEO freelancers. And confused about hiring an agency or freelancer for their business?

Hire SEO freelancer is quite easy then hiring an SEO agency. Easy, fast, less documentation, and no contract if you did not satisfied with work you can change SEO freelancer at any time.

But most of the freelancer is doing freelancing for just side hustle and second income source and provide their service in a very cheap price, that doesn’t mean a freelance SEO services is a right choice for you.

According to me if you’re just a startup business then, you just need to hire SEO expert for your business; I know some freelancers are fake in the market. And it’s very disgusting and hard to believe in them for your business.

Where to Find a Quality SEO Freelance

Need a SEO Expert? When looking to hire an SEO freelancer, most people turn to their favorite search engine, which can be a good place to start.

Just remember to skip over the ads and look at the organic results.

If an SEO freelancer can’t rank well for key terms like “SEO expert” or “SEO consultant” or “SEO + your city,” they aren’t very good at their jobs.

Checkout some freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing sites for an SEO freelancer.

You can find some perfect SEO freelancers for your business on LinkedIn.

How To Find The Best SEO Freelance

It’s very important to hire the Best SEO freelancer for your business. Best SEO Freelancer can grow your business and wrong SEO freelancers can waste your lots of time and money.

So it’s very important to hire the right SEO freelancer.

Search Right SEO Freelancer On Search Engine

I suggested you look for someone who ranks well organically for “SEO + your city.” This a good place to start.

But, if you didn’t find the right candidate in your city.

Then, Search for people who rank well for “SEO consultant” or “SEO freelancer.”

Shortlist a few SEO freelancers for your business.

Interview SEO Freelancers

Start taking an interview of all freelancers one by one asks some questions and about their experience and see they will set on your expectation or not.

Few questions you must ask before hiring SEO expert ask them to “look your website, what are 3 SEO mistakes you would recommend fixing?”

And see they will tell you only a mistake on your website or tell you about some SEO improvement opportunity too.

Ask for “SEO philosophy”?

How you will work your site and what strategy you will be going to implement on your website.

Ask for “how much time it will take to rank on the top”?

Note: If someone promises you top rankings in a short period of time. Then it’s a red flag

Every SEO expert knows that SEO is a long-term game and it takes time.

Give Him A Small SEO Task

If you find someone for your business, then test his skill with few tasks or give him a few keywords to rank for one page.

Check his work on weekly bases or monthly bases.

Keep The Communication with SEO Freelancer

You need to keep in touch with your SEO freelancer for better communication and progress about your website and track all work of your hired SEO freelancer.

Make sure you’re getting all results which you all expecting with your SEO freelancer.

Best SEO Freelancer In Chandigarh

I’m a Local SEO expert in Chandigarh, I have the ability to provide the best results to you. If you have a website or services for your customers then, I will help your customers to find you on Google easily, by ranking your website for better user experience and generate leads for your business.